Divorcees (2013) – Movie Review

Posted: 21st July 2013 by John Doe in DVD

Written & Directed by:  Stormy Daniels

Stars: Julia Ann, Stormy Daniels, Veronica Avluv, Jessie Lee, Molly Bennett, Aaron Wilcoxxx, Marcus London, Brendon Miller, and Tommy Pistol

Production Company:  Wicked Pictures

He Thinks:  4.5

She Thinks:  4.5

vlcsnap-00003The Plot:  Three best friends Leanne, Stacy and Carmen find themselves at a crossroads in their lives when all three of their marriages wind up in divorce.  Each of them deals with it in their own way, but the three of them together is a dangerous combination.  They decide to do the logical thing: take a road trip together.  Their road trip turns out to be a quest for Carmen while Leanne and Stacy are left to try to sort things out with a strung out DJ/Poolboy and his partner-in-crime.

The Low Down:  This movie is downright hilarious. Stormy, Julia Ann and Veronica are unstoppable together all the way through the movie. When you add Marcus London and Brendon Miller into the mix, it just pushes it completely over the edge.  Believe it or not, this movie is very nearly stolen by Brendon Miller.  His performance is quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a number of years.  I can’t recall the last time I watched a movie and was actually laughing so hard I couldn’t breath and had tears streaming down my face.  Jane and I were in absolute hysterics over his performance.  Stormy masterfully navigated this movie as to provide


you with absolute hilarity and then drop seemlessly into steaming hot sex scenes without missing a beat.

The two hottest scenes in the movie belong to Stormy and Brendon (the setup for the scene alone is worth it).  The fact that Stormy’s character is placed in a situation where she’s going to have to “take one for the team” and sleep with this goofball of a DJ character in order to keep the other girls from getting busted work beautifully.  Brendon was completely off the chain (to coin a phrase) and he held nothing back in his performance – both in the comedic scene before and in the sex scene.  Watching these two work together is just magic.
vlcsnap-00006The other scenes in the movie are really strong as well.  Although, I have to admit that the first scene in the movie did almost pull Jane out of it.  It wasn’t really doing anything for her at all and the movie just starts directly with the sex scene.  Don’t get me wrong:  It needs to start this way to tell the story and the reveal is worth the wait.  However, Jane would say to me every now and then, “I just have to trust Stormy on this one. It’s about the story, not the sex.”  Jane wasn’t disappointed.  That’s become our mantra around here.  Tied for first place, though, is the scene between Marcus London and Veronica Avluv.  You will have to justsee this one to believe it.  For those of you who don’t know, Marcus London has a paid website called The Squirt Instructor.  There is an obvious reason why he’s the man for this website.  Jane and I lost count of the number of times that Veronica Avluv squirted during this scene in this movie.  It was a thing of wonder.  It was by far the most connected sex scene that I’ve ever seen in any porn I’ve watched.  Veronica wasn’t “acting” her way through this scene with Marcus; she didn’t have to fake anything.  It was absolutely incredible.  The fact that both of these people are stunningly beautiful people didn’t hurt anything either.

We have to trust Stormy.  She’ll know what to do.

The Final Analysis:  Buy, don’t rent, this movie.  You will want to watch it over and over again.

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Directed by:  Robby D

Written by:  Kay Brandt

Stars:  Kayden Kross, Vicki Chase, Sophia Lomeli, Melanie Rios, Marcus London, Tommy Gunn and Manuel Ferrara

Bonus Features:

  • Behind the Scenes Featurette

Production Company:  Digital Playground

He Thinks:  4

She Thinks:  3.5

vlcsnap-00004 The Plot: Kayden knows how to run a courtroom.  She also knows how to conduct herself in her private chambers as well.  She is able to control the world of crime through her corruption of the judicial system by fucking the bad guys and forcing their girlfriends to use their own creative methods to get what they need out of their own lawyers.  Meanwhile, the bad guys get to keep fucking Kayden as well as any social services workers that Kayden tells them to.

The Low-Down:  Okay, the fact that Jane really got into this movie really surprised me.  It’s not your typical plot line driven movie, but from the beginning, Jane was all into this one.  I think this has to do with the fact that three of Jane’s favorite porn men make up the core of the performances in this one:  Tommy Gunn, Manuel Ferrara and Marcus London.  All three of these men have a way with women that just makes her absolutely melt.

vlcsnap-00006I’m going to be honest, we both watched this movie in short bursts while coming up for air from taking advantage of each other.  We were able to play with each other during all of the sex scenes and take little breaks to watch the cut scenes and then use the scenes to get right back into our own action.  We had fun playing along with everything that was happening on screen.  The highlight of this movie, of course, is the scene between Kayden & Manuel.  Any scene involving these two is always olympic and always gets Jane’s motor going.  Of course, by the time we got to their scene in this movie, we were both already going and were able to just play along.

The Blu-ray and DVD both contain the same features, which center around the behind-the-scenes featurette.  As is pretty standard with Digital Playground discs, it’s fun and really does give you a chance to get to see the stars playing around on the set, getting ready.  There are also some really fun interviews with the cast that let you get to know them a little better, too.  If you don’t take the time to watch the BTS featurettes on these discs, you are really missing out.

The Final Analysis:  This movie is a definitely fuckfest that shouldn’t be missed.  It’s fun to play along with as well!

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Written and Directed by:  Stormy Daniels

Stars:  Alektra Blue, Stormy Daniels, Bailey Blue, Jessa Rhodes, Mackenzee Pierce, Manuel Ferrara, Aaron Wilcoxxx, Marcus Londo, Barry Scott and Tyler Nixon

Production Company:  Wicked Pictures

He Thinks: 4

She Thinks: 4

vlcsnap-00001The Plot:  Michelle (Alektra Blue) is late for her first day of work at the hair salon. But, hey, it’s okay, because her new husband has turned off her alarm clock to let her sleep in on the day after their honeymoon to cook her one last breakfast and give her one last honeymoon fuck.  When she finally gets to work, her new co-workers are all ready for the hot stories of her week of hot sex with her new husband and they aren’t afraid to swap stories with her along the way.

The Low-Down:  This is mostly a movie of flashbacks and cutaway sex scenes.  The main story takes place in a hair salon, but the sex takes place all over the place.  The sex scenes are as varied as Stormy’s imagination.  I have to admit, when I read the description, I didn’t think that Jane would be that into this one.  I was pleasantly surprised to find her reaching over and stroking me halfway through the very first scene in the movie.  After we had finished it, I asked Jane about this and she said that the format of the ladies sitting around the salon gossiping and swapping sex stories really turned her on and that all of the scenes really worked for her in that context.

vlcsnap-00002The scenes themselves are really strong which is not surprising from a Stormy Daniels movie.  The movie really worked for me because Alektra Blue gets two scenes in the movie and one of them is with the legendary Manuel Ferrara (which also really helped Jane out, too).  Alektra’s scene with Manuel is far-and-away the feature scene of the piece.  The things he is able to do to women is nothing short of amazing and to watch him work this magic on Alektra was absolutely stunning.  Normally, Jane and I consider Alektra to be one of the more “dominant” of the Wicked ladies.  She usually seems to take control of every sex scene she’s in (in a good way) and really have fun with it.  In her scene with Manuel in this movie, she was putty in his hands and seemed to melt before him.  Not that she submits to him entirely, but she is definitely under the spell of his cock the entire time.  It simply has to be seen.  Our second favorite scene in the movie is the MFF threesome with Marcus London, Stormy Daniels and MacKenzee Pierce.  It’s a really hot scene and set up really nicely with a fantasy that Jane and I have for ourselves.  Both of these ladies are amazing to watch in this scene and Marcus London seemed to be having the time of his life.  vlcsnap-00003Cinematography, lighting and performances all came together to make a really stunning scene.  The only bummer for me was that the fantasy was blown for Jane at the end of the scene with the bombshell that Marcus London’s character had left Stormy for MacKenzee.  It was a little too much of a dose of “reality” than what we needed at that moment.  That having been said, the movie quickly recovered us this didn’t completely throw us out of the mood.

The Final Analysis:  This is yet another great date movie from Stormy.  If you are looking for something to get the sparks flying, this is definitely one to see.

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She is Mine

Posted: 23rd November 2012 by John Doe in For Both, Parent's Playground, The Real World
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I’m lying in bed early on the morning after Thanksgiving beside the woman I love. I woke up early this morning and she’s still sound asleep beside me, breathing lightly (every so often a soft snore). I’m rubbing my feet and legs against a hers under the covers as she sleeps. The kids are upstairs, one is already up playing video games, the other is still asleep.

It’s times like this that I realize that I’m the luckiest man in the world.

I have 2 amazing kids, a good job, a roof over our heads, food on the table and an incredibly sexy wife (even though she doesn’t know it or feel that way most of the time, no matter what l do or say).

I will admit to you, dear readers, that I’m horny as hell right now. There’s nothing more I want than to just roll over and take my wife. But, I won’t. Not this morning. This morning, no matter how horny I am, nothing overpowers the feeling of love I have for her at this very moment. I’m going to let her sleep until she wakes up.

I will lay here an enjoy rubbing her silky, smooth legs and listening to her soft breathing as she sleeps. If the opportunity presents itself, I might spoon to her and stroke her hair, her breasts, her face. I just don’t want this moment to end. I don’t want anything to come between me and her at this moment. Even if she has no clue this moment is happening.

She is mine.

When she wakes up and reads this, it will make her cry. I know this about her. It’s a good cry. We will hug and she will cry into my shoulder, thank me and tell me that she loves me. I will tell her that I lover her, too, and she will recover and we will go on about our day.

But maybe…just maybe…this will be the one time that an outpouring of my emotions like this will lead to a sly little smile through her tears and she tells me she really wants to thank me for all of this.

She is mine.


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Snatched (2012) – Movie Review

Posted: 12th October 2012 by John Doe in DVD
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Written & Directed by:  Stormy Daniels

Stars: Kaylani Lei, Stormy Daniels, Eva Angelina, Tasha Reign, Leya Falcon, Tommy Gunn, Tommy Pistol, Derrick Pierce and Brendon Miller

Production Company: Wicked Pictures

He Thinks:  4

She Thinks:  4

The Plot:  Lisa (Lei) has it all; a successful husband (Gunn), a great house, and parties to attend.  Everything seems to be going just fine right up until the point where she’s mugged and accidentally gets locked in the trunk of her car.  Then her car is stolen by two car thieves (Pistol and Miller) who have definitely gotten more than they bargained for. The two decide to hold her for ransom, then use the money to get out from under the stiletto heels of their gorgeous and horny mob boss (Daniels).  There’s only one little problem:  it seems that Lisa’s husband doesn’t really want her back.  He’s content to leave her there to die in the hands of her captors.  So, Lisa hatches a little plan of her own.

The Low Down:  This is a really clever movie.  There are plenty of plot twists to keep things moving along and, for the most part, the sex is really really  good.  Without a doubt Brendon Miller walks away with this movie in his back pocket though.  This performance is quite possibly one of the funniest I have ever seen.  His subtle little bits of physical humor and ad-libbed responses are absolutely hysterical.  Kaylani Lei plays her part to perfection as the “straight man” in this movie.  Her character choices created the perfect foil to Miller’s.  Daniels, without fail, directs the movie very nearly to perfection.  The first sex scene of the movie is actually used as exposition for the rest of the story.  As such, Daniels edits the scene in such a way that we get the main points of the story without the scene having to take 20 minutes of the movie.  The sex is still great since the scene is between Lei and Gunn, but it has that Stormy finesse to it.  Unfortunately, with the exceptions that I’m about to name here, the rest of the sex scenes fell a little flat for Jane and I on this one.

The exceptions to this are the oral sex scene between Stormy and Brendon.  This scene is so perfectly timed and so believable within the storyline and so fucking hot that it’s hard not to call it the best scene in the movie.  The other scene that is the exception is the scene between Kaylani and Brendon.  It’s the perfect ending to the movie and their chemistry is almost as strong the scene with he and Stormy.  Coming in a distant third to these scenes is the scene with Derrick Pierce and Stormy.  It’s hot because it’s just raw sex and Stormy looks fantastic.  What more can I say?

As is usual with Stormy’s movies, the story and the sex scenes are inextricably linked.  They form this kind of symbiotic relationship that makes the whole thing work just perfectly.  This is definitely one of her funniest films to date.

The Final Analysis:  This one is a must own.  Pick it up today.

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Written & Directed by: Stormy Daniels

Stars: Gracie Glam, Alektra Blue, Britney Young, Chanel Preston, Brendon Miller, Kris Slater, Mick Blue, Seth Gamble, and Xander Corvus.

Production Company: Wicked Pictures

He Thinks: 4.5

She Thinks: 4.5

The Plot: Madelyn (Glam) has just been screwed over by her boyfriend…literally.  One night after drowning her sorrows away at the local bar, she’s attacked by a couple of unsavory characters.  She’s saved at the last minute by a mysterious man who then disappears from her life again just as quickly.  Or so she thinks.  Madelyn is dragged into a world of vampires who are threatening to kill her.  Only her savior (Corvus) can protect her.  But their love is never meant to be.

The Low Down: Yet again, Stormy proves that she has her finger on the pulse of what it takes to make a great couples porn movie. This movie literally has a little something for everyone in it and it all works within the same story.  There are some great “vanilla” couples sex scenes, there are a couple of scenes that push the boundaries toward BDSM (just a little bit, not too much), and there’s just some just great fucking because there are two horny people that can’t keep their hands off each other.  And those lines get blurred quite a bit.  It all works.  When you bring the element of the supernatural into these Passions films, it really opens up a whole new spectrum of sex to play with.  When that supernatural element is centered around vampires and everything that goes along with what has become the “vampire counterculture”, you really open the doors wide open.

The first scene between Glam and Slater is pretty straight forward.  It’s there to move the plot forward, but Stormy realized that it wasn’t the centerpiece of the plot, so she did something radical.  She edited it.  That’s right.  She actually cut this opening sex scene down so that it plays more like a slow montage of their sexual encounter to let you know that they’ve had sex and see the highlights without taking up 20 minutes of screen time for something that doesn’t actually drive the plot forward.  It was really refreshing to see.  The scene itself was very good, but the editing really worked to make the story move.

The highlight of the movie for Jane and I was the scene between Britney Young and Seth Gamble.  This was the first time we had seen Britney Young’s work and we were thoroughly impressed.  She really let herself go and enjoy the sex rather than feeling like she had to give some kind of a “performance”.  Her scene was one of the most arousing in the movie because of how connected she was Gamble and how free and open she was to the experience.  Jane was really turned on by her.  Actually, I was to.  Young is absolutely beautiful as well.  We both hope to see great things from her in the future.

One final note, it’s always amazing to watch Brendon Miller and Alektra Blue go at it.  The scenes that I will return to again and again will be Britney’s and Alektra’s.  Jane and I will definitely keep this handy in the bedroom. It’s also worth noting that it was Chanel Preston’s scene that finally drove me over the edge and made me give up on watching the movie for a while and dive between Jane’s legs for a little mid-movie snack.  We both thank you, Chanel.  I actually had to go back and watch your scene again so I didn’t miss anything.  :)

The Final Analysis: This is definitely a movie you should pick up and add to your collection.  Stormy proves to be just as reliable as you’d expect.  She has a gift and thankfully she has chosen to share that gift with the world!

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Directed by: Francois Clousot

Stars: Kaylani Lei, Xander Corvus, Nicole Aniston, April O’Neil, Randi Wright, Barrett Blade, and Rocco Reed

Production Company: Wicked Pictures

He Thinks: 4

She Thinks: 4

The Plot: Julia (Lei) has a thing about guys. She always seems to pick the ones that either have other…um…committments or that will say anything to get into her pants. It turns out that her latest boyfriend had a little of both qualities. Needless to say, she dumps him. John (Corvus) is just a guy in love with a girl who’s about to move out of the country for her job. They decide to end their relationship after one more night of really passionate sex. John goes home, but has a “Say Anything” moment and decides to go back to her house and tell her that he’s madly in love with her and that he’d be crazy to let her leave the country without him. Of course, this is when he finds out that she’s already over their relationship. She’s moved on in the form of a major gang-bang (which happens off-screen). John’s friend Raul convinces him that they best way to pick up and meet new women is to pretend he’s gay because women love gay men. His plan works, but a little too well. John meets Julia and falls in love. But how will Julia take it when she learns that her new gay friend is actually trying to score with her?

The Low-Down: Okay, full discolsure. Jane and I have been out of the porn reviewing “business” for a few months. I’ll save the details of why for another post, so here let me just say that some things have changed a bit since we’ve been at it. One major change was that Wicked decided to change to an all-online review process for its reviewers. We were given a login to the Wicked.com website where we can access all of the new Wicked releases as they come out and review them directly from the website. There’s only one little drawback to this from our standpoint. We’ve had to change the format of our reviews slightly for our site. No longer will we be reviewing the packaging and bonus material that is included on the discs. There may be some special releases where we are sent the discs to review all of the content, but for the most part, we are going to be reviewing online only.

And, let me tell you, this has opened up a whole new world to Jane and I. There is so much more content than I had ever imagined on their site! It’s definitely worth signing up for. If you are a fan of porn, Wicked has an amazing website. I’m going to do a more detailed review of the entire site in a separate post.

Now, back to the movie: This is a really cute movie. Yes, I just described a porn as “cute”. The story has the feel of one of the old John Hughes movies from the 80s-90s. I fully expected Xander to come out with a boombox on his shoulders in a long trenchcoat at one point. The best part is that the sex scenes flowed seamlessly throughout the story. One minor criticism from Jane’s perspective is that the movie started with two huge sex scenes (Rocco & Kaylani and Xander & Nicole). The first of these two scenes just felt awkward and didn’t do that much for us. There was just something off about the scene that we couldn’t put our fingers on. It turns out that it was supposed to be awkward given the story, but there was no way for us to know that before the scene started rolling; it just looked and felt like a badly performed sex scene (with all due respect to Rocco & Kaylani). In this case, I don’t think the structure of the editing of the piece lent them justice to the real nuances of their performances. With Xander and Nicole, we were allowed just enough dialogue (maybe 10-15 lines) to put the sex scene in context and then we were treated to one of the hottest scenes we’d seen in a long time. Xander and Nicole just clicked. Jane and I have already been following Xander’s career with a lot of interest. Not only is he an amazing adult performer, he is also a truly fine actor. He has played in a number of very complex character and straight roles and in every movie, he’s bringing a new, fresh approach to each character. He has a charm and ease on camera that is intoxicating (at least for Jane). I believe this was our first introduction to Nicole Aniston. I’m going to be watching her career with a lot more interest. She is also a fine actress as well as being incredibly beautiful and a truly amazing adult performer.

The movie is filled with great little comic bits of Xander’s character being placed in awkward situations in his “gay” persona while on a date with Kaylani. And, Xander switches between being “himself” and his “gay persona” with amazing agility. Unfortunately, the one person who I think is wasted in this movie is Barrett Blade. Normally, we are big fans of Barrett’s work, but his character seemed to be a poorly placed afterthought in this story. He has two sex scenes in the movie (one with the beautiful April O’Neil), but both of these scenes fell a little flat for us mostly because we spent all of our time wondering why his character was in the movie in the first place. For example, Barrett’s scene with April takes place at a day spa. Kaylani and Xander’s characters have gone there for a treat together. Barrett winds up banging the receptionist. Now, as a man, I can fully appreciate the fantasy of walking into a place of business where there is a hot receptionist and wanting to take her in the back and bang the shit out of her. However, it’s fantasy. And, honestly, it didn’t really fit into the grand scheme of this Wicked Passions release. Passions, at least to us, is supposed to be about creating a movie in which every scene is for couples. Putting a scene that is very “guy-centric” into a couples movie seems to defeat the purpose. In our case, it did. We were really looking forward to seeing April’s work only to have the experience dampened by the fact that the scene really didn’t make sense in the story.

I know that this is a fine line to walk in the porn industry. Target demographics are so specialized now. But, thankfully, there are more and more couples that are looking to porn as a tool that they can use in their bedrooms to help spice up their private lives and you have to stay true to that audience. Their tastes are going to be a lot more…well…delicate than your average porn consumer. Let me be clear, I don’t think that this pushed any boundaries or crossed any lines and it certainly wasn’t “controversial” in any way. I hope that this openness and Sex Positive ideal can continue to grow and producing porn that is geared toward couples is one way of doing that.

The Final Analysis: This is definitely a movie that should be seen. There are some amazing performances in it and, as I said, one of the hottest sex scenes we’ve seen in a while. Buy it or go to Wicked.com and sign up for your membership and watch it!

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Get Your Hands Off MyIntima!

Posted: 15th April 2012 by John Doe in Reviews
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I’m going to start this off with a very pretentious-sounding statement.  You have been warned.

Our good friend Stormy Daniels was kind enough to send us a demo of her new hands-free lube dispenser called MyIntima and let me tell you right off the bat, this thing has changed our lives.

For the longest time, lube has been one of those “necessary evils” for us when it comes to sex.  We know that we need it from time to time, but it’s a royal pain in the ass to deal with.  No matter what you do, it’s only convenient the very first time you use a new bottle.  After that, the bottles get…well…lubed up just like you do and unless you are going to take the time to actually wash the bottle off every time you have sex, that’s just the way it was.  Once you got the lube out and applied it, you had to use your hands, which of course were now covered in lube, to put (or throw) the bottle out of the way as you get down to the good stuff.

Not only that, but there was the problem of where to store the bottles.  In our case, we kept our lube in Jane’s nightstand drawer so it was “convenient” (or so we thought).  The only problem is that after several uses, the bottle had so much lube on the outside, it was making everything in the drawer slimy and greasy, too.

Enter MyIntima.  Stormy apparently got fed up with all of these problems that we were having too and decided to do something about it for couples everywhere and make a few bucks off of it in the process.  And, you know what?  This idea is going to be bigger than sliced bread.

The most important thing you need to know about MyIntima is that it is completely hands-free.  You simply wave your hand under the spout and out comes your lube right onto your finger tips.  The battery operated pump is activated via motion sensor.  The reservoir holds up to 12 oz. of your favorite lube.

The second most important thing you need to know is that you should follow the directions very closely when setting it up and/or changing the batteries or lube.  The directions are very clearly written and are excellent.  And I thought I had followed them exactly, but when I put the batteries in, I was holding it in such a way that my hand was under the sensor and BAM! I had lube suddenly pouring out all over my hands before I was ready.  The good news is I knew it worked, the bad news is that I had a little mess to clean up.

And, believe it or not, you’ll actually want to practice a little before you use this “in the moment”.  It takes a little getting used to.  For example, if you continue to hold your hand under the sensor, it will just keep pumping lube into your hand.  So, you should learn where in physical space the sensor kicks on and off.  This way you won’t be “in the moment” with 2 oz. of lube in your hand because you didn’t know how to make it stop when you wanted it to.

Finally, the beautiful thing about MyIntima is that it’s discreet enough to be placed on a nightstand without worry about it looking like a “sex toy”.  Stormy designed this to have form as well as function.  We have ours sitting out on Jane’s nightstand in full view of the kids at all times and never have to worry about a thing.

Every couple should own one of these and, I believe before too long, nearly every couple will.

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Directed by:  jessica drake

Stars: jessica drake, Julia Ann, Misty Stone, and Lily LaBeau

Bonus Features:

  • 3 Bonus Scenes available with or without jessica drake’s commentary

Production Company:  Wicked Pictures

He Thinks:  5  (duh?)

She Thinks:  5

The Plot:  None (instructional video)

The Low Down:  It’s just us girls on this one.  No guys allowed, just us and our little friends.  I know this is every guy’s fantasy, but for now, they’re just going to have to enjoy watching.  We deserve a little time to ourselves, don’t we?  And who better to show us the best ways to go about enjoying ourselves fully than the one and only jessica drake?

jessica’s latest instructional video is exactly that, it’s just for the ladies and she takes nothing for granted.  One of the first points she makes in the video is that every single one of us is unique with our own different erotic triggers, turn-ons, turn-offs, needs, and even anatomies.  She found a very nice cross section of women to talk about their points-of-view on masturbation for the interview portion of this video.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, each of the videos starts off with a series of on-camera interviews with several adult film stars who provide their honest and candid opinions, thoughts and deepest desires with all of the viewers at home.  And jessica comes up with some great prompt questions that she asks all of them on the topic which are the questions that most “everyday” people would have about them.

With this video, it became really clear early on that the person that I was going to learn the most from in this video was Julia Ann.  I could tell from her interviews that our approach to masturbation and feelings about it were about the same.  We both enjoy the stress relief, but have to actually have to have the mood come over us to actually do it.  We can’t just go into a room and masturbate for the sake of an orgasm at the drop of a hat.  Not to say that I didn’t learn anything from the other ladies in the video, I just want to point out that she’s the one that I am the most similar to.

The only downside that I could find to this video is that some of the positions that these ladies would get into to masturbate are quite simply impossible for me to replicate.  Even the ones that seem like they would be fairly simple.  I’m just not as limber and flexible as I used to be.  I wish jessica had gone into a little bit of detail talking about those positions and what differences they can make for a woman who has never tried them before.  Some of them look like they would be very useful for me, but without a lot of practice and a lot of yoga classes, they’re just not going to happen.

But, I missed a very important part of the video by jumping straight into the interviews!  Before we get into any of that, jessica actually takes the time to remind/teach us that our entire bodies are our playgrounds and we shouldn’t just focus on the vagina or clitoris when we masturbate.  We should explore our bodies often and constantly be on the lookout for new places, no matter how seemingly strange or bizarre, that are erogenous zones.  When we find them and find those things that work for us, we can then take that information in to our partners when we are having sex in the hopes that they, too, can learn a little more about our bodies.

After the interviews, it’s off to the races with three amazing solo masturbation scenes from the same ladies who we saw in the interviews.  Again, I discovered I was right in my thoughts that I am similar to Julia Ann.  Her little idiosyncrasies are very similar to mine.  My legs have to be in just the right position, the toy has to be just right and (in my case) the lights have to be very low.  Watch each of these scenes with jessica’s commentary.  After all, this is primarily an instructional video, right?  Why not learn something while you are watching these ladies masturbate?  Her commentary is spot on.  She talks about what these ladies needed in order to make their solo sessions perfect for them.  She also mentions that her only piece of direction to these ladies was that she wanted them to have a real orgasm; she didn’t care how they got there.  The ladies were given free reign to do whatever they wanted to do during these scenes much the same way they would do it if they were at home alone.  The cameras continued to roll and didn’t interrupt them until they were completely done.  It was quite literally a beautiful thing to watch.

The Final Analysis:  Ladies, pick this one up.  There’s always something new we can learn about ourselves and our sexuality and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather learn it from than jessica drake.

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Directed by:  jessica drake

Stars: jessica drake, Dana DeArmond, Asa Akira, Lyla Storm, Mr. Marcus, Ramon Nomar, and Jeremy Conway

Bonus Features:

  • Two complete anal sex scenes available with or without jessica drake’s commentary
  • Bonus Enema scene

Production Company:  Wicked Pictures

He Thinks:  5

She Thinks:  5

The Plot: None (Instructional video)

The Low Down:  jessica drake continues her instructional video series with an outstanding look into the mysterious (for some of us) world of anal sex.  As ususal, jessica tackles every subject she covers with the professionalism you would expect from someone as dedicated to their craft as she is and it pays off in spades.  For those of you already familiar with the other videos in the series, the format is the same, so you already know what to expect which already makes the videos even more accessible than they already are.  If you are a newcomer, don’t worry, these videos are designed to make you feel right at home.  She begins with interviews with experienced pornstars and their partners about their likes and dislikes about anal sex; their own private list of “do’s-and-dont’s,” if you will.  jessica, as the host, also takes the time to drive the point home that these are just the thoughts of these particular people and that everyone is unique so their thoughts might not be the same as your thoughts.  These are merely presented to give you some insight and perhaps allow you to think of these things in ways that you might not otherwise have.

The big take home message of this entire video is TAKE YOUR TIME.  Anal sex is not something that you rush into with your partner even if they are the most experienced person on the planet.  It takes a lot of prep and warm-up in order to do this right without causing severe pain and potential damage to the recipient of the anal sex.  She points out numerous times that the anal scenes that you see in most adult movies have been edited and don’t show all of the preparation and time that is taken to really get a safe and “happy” anal scene going.

And then, she goes on to do just that very thing.  She puts together a couple of scenes where there are a few edits, but none that take away from the actual prep time that these partners take to get into anal sex.  It can be, if done right a very slow, erotic and intimate process between you and your partner.  There is even a scene where jessica asks an “anal novice” to come in and share her very first anal experience on camera for us to experience.  This alone is worth the price of the DVD.  Of course, with these scenes, you also get the benefit of watching them with or without jessica’s expert and mindblowing commentary.  Again, one of these days, I’m going to have to get jessica to record an outgoing voicemail message for me that will leave anyone who calls me with a stain on their pants.  Regardless of their gender.

Finally, there is a scene that might seem a little strange at first, but I recommend that you watch it.  It’s a scene about enemas.  Look, let’s face it, the butthole has the potential to be a fairly dirty place, right?  Well, it makes sense that you’d want to cleanse that area very well before you venture into the world of anal sex lest you wind up with a slightly messy and embarrasing accident on your hands, right?  But hold on there, cowboy, there are a few things that you should definitely know.  What kind should you get?  How’s the best way to approach this?  How long before you begin your session should you do this?  All of these questions are answered in this scene.  And it’s handled extremely professionally.  Absolutely flawless.

The Final Analysis: Regardless of your experience level with anal sex, there is something for everyone in this video.  We highly recommend it.

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